Storage and crossdocking: cost-effective

Storage and crossdocking of goods provide flexibility and are efficient, cost-effective solutions to a complex logistical chain.

1,500 m2 storage and crossdocking area In Dreumel we have over 1,500 m2 secure facilities for storage and crossdocking. Here we handle your (more specialised and oversized) cargo with utmost care.

Efficient, professional and safe The loading, unloading, depositing and delivering is done efficiently, professionally and safely; by experienced employees and by using modern internal transportation.

Storage and crossdocking We often use our partner’s facilities for storage and crossdocking in the port of Rotterdam for standard shipments. Of course, your shipment is efficiently, professionally and safely processed.

Long opening hours It’s good to have some extra flexibility in a well-planned logistical chain. Therefore, we have long opening hours in Dreumel as well as at our partner in Rotterdam.

Optimising and saving costs By storing and crossdocking on two different locations we have flexibility with the processing time of shipments. This way, we can further optimise the logistical process, thus saving costs.

Customs warehouse Moreover, we have a customs warehouse on our property. This allows you to have more flexibility with processing time as well as remittance of import and tax duties.