High demands Our company is a link in a well-planned logistical chain. Therefore, our clients set high demands on our efficiency, planning, and quality.

An extra step This often asks for an extra step and a substantial dose of inventiveness. And this is exactly what we expect of our employees. Both at the office and on the road.

Bearing and taking responsibility We expect them to be qualified and motivated. And to be able to offer, also ad hoc, smart solutions. In short: they can bear and take responsibility.

Knowledge and dynamism Because that is the power of experienced and skilled people. And they are essential for us. Their knowledge and dynamism are necessary in order to move forward.

Professional working environment

We stimulate the quality of our people by offering a dynamic, professional working environment within which we facilitate their further development as much as possible.

Health and safety We care for the health and safety of our people by offering, among other, training, modern equipment, and good working conditions.

Apply We currently have no job openings. You are welcome to send us your resume via e-mail. We will keep your information in our portfolio.